Behind The Sun – Release!

I am very happy to announce that Chris Pookah’s album, “Behind the Sun” is now printed and ready to post. I have been listening to the finished tracks and they sound all lovely and polished and clean, his voice is velvety and effortless and the arrangements are fabulously understated and allow each song to live in a safe place.

Support a fantastic musician: go to his page and buy the album as a digital download or CD or Vynil – perhaps a T-Shirt? The best would be a booking, anything from a festival or wedding to a House Party.

It really does sound great.

Water Throw/Bucket

Just one of the things you will understand better once you have read the short story The Master of Wit and Repartee

Loosely based on an juvinile joke from school which is easily found on the interweb, it becomes a story about pride and professionalism but unfolding in an unexpected way.

It describes the formative moment in a young boy’s life and has “Water Throw/Bucket”!

Just a giggle, I hope you enjoy it!



A heartfelt welcome to my site folks!

There is a song going around called Mandie and you can buy it!

It began in response to a relationship I had with a lady in Bristol at a time when dance music parties in fields, underground car parks and various other locations were still popular, usually arranged by text message and involving fun and games to mislead the police as to where exactly the ‘rave’ would be happening.

There were good and bad sides to the whole thing; I saw good things and lots of people having fun, I also saw and experienced some of the damage that a life of drug taking (prescription or otherwise) can do to people directly.

There are two Mandie’s involved: one is a very entertaining lady with a big personality and a heart of gold, the other … well, perhaps if you do a little research you will find a couple of other ‘Mandie’s’.

I decided to use this page for posting the song lyric where appropriate so here is Mandie in all her(?) glory.

You can now watch the video and sing along!! 😉



Robert Burns: What’s it about?

I will be hosting at least one Burns’ Supper this coming January in Aschaffenburg, Bayern which is twinned with Perth in Scotland.

The Haggis.jpg

A libertarian, a womaniser, a farmer, tax collector, a man of sensitivity and humanity, ‘Rabbie” was all of these things but most of all, a man of the people.

Haggis, nips n tatties will be served along with a wee brawth to start and a tidy oatcake, cream and jam to finish.

Whiskey will be available for toasting – I will try to keep the number of toasts down to a reasonable limit but there will be water… in separate glasses.

Music will be beautifully delivered by my friend and cohort, Chris Pookah who has a good stock of Burns songs that he has formed to suit his style in a very authentic and genuine way. It’s worth coming just to hear him play a few songs. And of course, a piper!

More news to come on the venues and ticket price. Let me know if you would be interested in a genuine supper to celebrate the birth, life, works and enduring influence of one of the world’s most gifted poets.

This page will grow as I come up with more stuff ready to fill it. Over the last two years I have intermittently recorded on video, still shots and memories in writing the experiences of the last two years. I do not wish to set them in order in particular but merely present them as moment along with the songs from the album where appropriate.

So I will use the posts as I can to promote the music I play and to respect the memory of Katie to whom I made the promise to “live my life without fear”. Easier said than done in this society so here is a picture of how to do it 😉 Thanks to the FRIZZ photographer for capturing this as I was playing last year at Brüderschaft der Fölker on the banks of the river Main in the boutique city that is Aschaffenburg.

Princess at BrüderschaftDV2017

The Beginning… 2016

I had some long awaited luck in 2016 so along with my wee dog and friend of 17 years, Katie, an adventure began in August. There were some hiccups with the van preparation and some things to tidy before we left Macclesfield, our home of six years, but leave we did.

I say ‘beginning’ on the title for this section but of course it is pretty difficult to actually find the beginning of anything, but it was the beginning of August 😉

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 20.07.39.png

Having decided that we were Scotland bound to meet up with Chris in Glasgow before going on to Inverness for the Belladrum Festival, our second stop on the road was at a place called Dunure on the west coast of Scotland near Ayr and facing the south coast of the island of Arran.

This machine became our home for the next two years (it is currently awaiting a ‘decision’) and did us proud. Even traveling later with three inmates this was a good machine.


Old Friends!

This picture was made by a chap called Tony Jones who hails from WInsford in Cheshire although he has fond memories and pride of and in his home city of Liverpool. Three grown up kids, all of whom are a credit to him and a very nice wife too.

Tony Jones
Tony on the right, his cousin? on the left, another really good guy who’s name I cannot bring to mind… and it looks like they’re in The Oddies!

He used to drink in a pub I managed in Winsford called The Oddfellows Arms or “Oddies” and we spent many hours playing music and laughing. He came up with this mash up of a picture he had found of me and a yard scene from a remote farmhouse, perhaps in mid-west America.

When he sent it to me I instantly thought of my song PRIDE and decided that’s where it should live. I like the way it kinda fits with the sound of the production.

Thanks to Tony for the art work and Jake Evans as always for his studio work.

You can find Pride on YouTube in various forms but this is the latest by a lovely guy called Carlos who I met in Aschaffenburg whilst busking! He has an advertising company, Graphic Films Productions, but really his heart is in filmmaking and asked if I would come to his home to shoot a video of this very song. Check out the video he made on his site or on YouTube

Since we have the space here I thought I’d give a little more – some people have been asking for the lyric to be published for original songs. Here is Pride.


Chris Head Shot
Chris Pookah, my good friend and occasional partner in music has a fabulous album, his first fully produced studio album “Behind the Sun”. I promise you the playlist has had no peace on my phone/PC/CD player for months since he gave me an early preview.

You can find out so much more here. Or watch the video…

I think my current favourite songs are Sharks and Sum of Your Parts but it’s hard to choose with so much excellence. Big respect to Michel Hauck for making the recordings so tastefully and to the fantastic musicians he got in to play. Wow, just wow.

I am very proud to have been part of this process for Chris having helped shoot and edit the video which is something I enjoy immensely although the time it takes up is incredible, worse than Inter-web browsing but more productive.

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