The Beginning… 2016

I had some long awaited luck in 2016 so along with my wee dog and friend of 17 years, Katie, an adventure began in August. There were some hiccups with the van preparation and some things to tidy before we left Macclesfield, our home of six years, but leave we did.

I say ‘beginning’ on the title for this section but of course it is pretty difficult to actually find the beginning of anything, but it was the beginning of August 😉

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 20.07.39.png

Having decided that we were Scotland bound to meet up with Chris in Glasgow before going on to Inverness for the Belladrum Festival, our second stop on the road was at a place called Dunure on the west coast of Scotland near Ayr and facing the south coast of the island of Arran.

This machine became our home for the next two years (it is currently awaiting a ‘decision’) and did us proud. Even traveling later with three inmates this was a good machine.


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