A heartfelt welcome to my site folks!

There is a song going around called Mandie and you can buy it!

It began in response to a relationship I had with a lady in Bristol at a time when dance music parties in fields, underground car parks and various other locations were still popular, usually arranged by text message and involving fun and games to mislead the police as to where exactly the ‘rave’ would be happening.

There were good and bad sides to the whole thing; I saw good things and lots of people having fun, I also saw and experienced some of the damage that a life of drug taking (prescription or otherwise) can do to people directly.

There are two Mandie’s involved: one is a very entertaining lady with a big personality and a heart of gold, the other … well, perhaps if you do a little research you will find a couple of other ‘Mandie’s’.

I decided to use this page for posting the song lyric where appropriate so here is Mandie in all her(?) glory.

You can now watch the video and sing along!! 😉



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