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Here is a brief section to give a taste of what is behind the pixels.

Having been engaged by music from a very early age, it took a major role in my formative years. I played freely and eagerly as a child with as many instruments as I could reach. I toyed with it as a teenager, then again as I took on worldly responsibilities and I turned to it for solace in times of need.

In 2012 I took the decision to follow what Castaneda would call my “path with heart”, something I should and must follow. I was able to support myself from performing or Busking if you will, in towns across the NW of England for the next four years.

In the early summer of 2016 my friend and musical partner Chris Pookah and I had a wonderful time touring in the UK, France and Germany as a duo.

Chris and John Pluzenet
Chris and John in Plûned (Pluzunet) in Brittany, France.

Currently I am preparing a touring schedule for next year looking at these guide dates:

  • 2018 in France (Brittany) May/June,
  • UK in June/July,
  • Germany (Bavaria) August/September
  • UK October/November

This will primarily be promoting the Live album “AWAKENING” along with some new material.

So please consider me for your party, I have played three weddings, a couple of beer fetivals, community festivals, arts and crafts galleries, a film festival, pubs, clubs and in town centers across Europe!

I’m not cheap but then, I’m not expensive. You will get 100% commitment to the performance from me for the entire gig along with years of experience learning stagecraft as a musician, presenter and actor.

I am loosely based in Macclesfield in the North West of England.

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