I’ll be happy to respond to any interest through this form.

Request a CD and I will personally post and pack the item for you for £15-00 plus p+p. If you would like extra stuff like Lyric Sheets etc let me know.

‘The CD as a medium is dead!” That may be so. No excuses, you can go the my Bandcamp page and order a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! for ONLY A FIVER!!

BOOKING REQUESTS: I am currently booking dates for all of next year and into 2019. The planned schedule is:

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April/May: Bayern, Germany

French Flag.png

May/June: Bretagne, France

UK Flag.png

June/July: various, UK

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Aug/Sep:  Bayern, Germany

UK Flag.png

Oct/Nov  various, UK

Spanish Flag.png

Dec/Mar   Southern Spain!

The end of January is Burn’s Supper time and I will be available to host your event. Give me plenty of notice.

If your date is out of sequence here, please ask, I can always be a little flexible.

… any questions that come up for you, let me know here and I will be happy to respond.

Look forward to getting to know you!

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