Old Friends!

This picture was made by a chap called Tony Jones who hails from WInsford in Cheshire although he has fond memories and pride of and in his home city of Liverpool. Three grown up kids, all of whom are a credit to him and a very nice wife too.

Tony Jones
Tony on the right, his cousin? on the left, another really good guy who’s name I cannot bring to mind… and it looks like they’re in The Oddies!

He used to drink in a pub I managed in Winsford called The Oddfellows Arms or “Oddies” and we spent many hours playing music and laughing. He came up with this mash up of a picture he had found of me and a yard scene from a remote farmhouse, perhaps in mid-west America.

When he sent it to me I instantly thought of my song PRIDE and decided that’s where it should live. I like the way it kinda fits with the sound of the production.

Thanks to Tony for the art work and Jake Evans as always for his studio work.

You can find Pride on YouTube in various forms but this is the latest by a lovely guy called Carlos who I met in Aschaffenburg whilst busking! He has an advertising company, Graphic Films Productions, but really his heart is in filmmaking and asked if I would come to his home to shoot a video of this very song. Check out the video he made on his site or on YouTube

Since we have the space here I thought I’d give a little more – some people have been asking for the lyric to be published for original songs. Here is Pride.


Chris Head Shot
Chris Pookah, my good friend and occasional partner in music has a fabulous album, his first fully produced studio album “Behind the Sun”. I promise you the playlist has had no peace on my phone/PC/CD player for months since he gave me an early preview.

You can find out so much more here. Or watch the video…

I think my current favourite songs are Sharks and Sum of Your Parts but it’s hard to choose with so much excellence. Big respect to Michel Hauck for making the recordings so tastefully and to the fantastic musicians he got in to play. Wow, just wow.

I am very proud to have been part of this process for Chris having helped shoot and edit the video which is something I enjoy immensely although the time it takes up is incredible, worse than Inter-web browsing but more productive.

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