Talented Friends

This page does what it says, it’s an introduction to some people I have been fortunate enough to meet on the journey.

A few years ago I was a local radio host, MC for a local club and promoting music at two venues via gigs, open-mics and a singer/songwriter competition. This gave me access to many original music acts from the NW of England – Liverpool, Manchester, Crewe, Bolton, Warrington, Macclesfield – who I was able to have play live either in a venue or on air at CheshireFM.

At this time we had a thriving scene in Winsford courtesy of Damon Horrill (now leader of Cornerstone Inns) and opportunities to see great acts like Glenn Tilbrook, the LevellersNick Harper and others and to meet with them, sometimesd interview them. We had a wonderful 40 minute interview with Glenn which was sadly unusable as the engineer had not checked the efficacy of the microphone we used.  Ah well, we all make mistakes.

Here is a lady I met last year in Scotland, Miss Irenie Rose. She has a talented (and very large) family in the Isle of Lewis and across the country and she writes and sings beautifully. Here is some YouTube evidence.

Go look and listen to her site and support her anyway you can even if it’s a share on your facebook or a Like on the YouTube video.

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